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Slow down aging at the cellular level – start taking care of yourself now!

The unique composition of NoAGE men contains as many as 47 valuable ingredients combined to help fight the processes involved in promoting aging and to maintain functions affected by aging most.

For sexual energy
For physical endurance
For vitality
For hair
For prostate health

Peruvinė pipirnė padeda palaikyti natūralų seksualinį aktyvumą ir energiją.  

Kininis ženšenis padeda palaikyti fizinę ištvermę bei normalią erekcijos funkciją.

Kininis ženšenis padeda palaikyti gyvybingumą. 

Selenas padeda palaikyti normalią plaukų būklę. 

Niacinas padeda palaikyti normalią odos būklę ir energijos apykaitą. 

Afrikinė slyva padeda palaikyti normalią prostatos funkciją. 

Nurture your vigor and sexuality with NoAGE men

Pažink NoAGE ir NoAGE men sudėtį iš arčiau čia

Slow down the aging process with the 5-step NoAGE men program


Protect your cells

Free radicals are molecules containing an unpaired electron formed during metabolism. These molecules attack our cells, thus damaging the structure of proteins and lipids. Lack of antioxidants in the body leads to an increased number of free radicals and causes certain diseases, such as heart and liver diseases, in addition to causing an irreversible process in the form of aging.

The capsule and single-dose components in the container help with protecting the cells from oxidative damage. This duo is characterised by an extremely powerful and energetic composition. It contains coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, lycium chinese (goji berries), common vine and oregano fruit extracts, as well as vitamins C, E, selenium and zinc. Puncture vine is another ingredient added to help with maintaining hormonal balance. Alkaloids in Peruvian ginseng help witha maintaining sexual activity. Siberian ginseng root extract helps with maintaining a normal physical condition.


Reduce the signs of skin aging

Glycation is a biochemical process when excess blood sugar attaches to proteins or lipids (fats). As a result of this process, the adhesive compounds damage the cells and cause premature aging of the skin, resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of radiance.

The capsule and single-dose container contain plant extracts, vitamins, L-carnosine, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, taurine, chromium, and ceylon cinnamon bark powder. Chromium helps with maintaining normal blood glucose levels, while vitamin B6 helps with maintaining normal protein and glycogen metabolism.


Restore your body


Over the years, some cells in the human body die while some of them simply stop growing and dividing, but their “spontaneous death” – apoptosis – does not occur. These unnecessary cells accumulate and cause inflammatory processes leading to premature aging.

The capsule and single-dose container contain effective plant extracts such as Chinese ginseng, sea buckthorn, boswellia, turmeric, and fish oil. The active ingredients in African plum help with maintaining normal prostate function and the condition of the urinary tract. The Peruvian ginseng, as one of the ingredients in it, helps with maintaining good physical and psychological condition. Narrow-leaved basil leaf extract helps with maintaining energy and vitality.


Encourage the production of new cells

Telomeres are structures found at the ends of chromosomes with the primary function to secure the genetic information of cells within the process of their division. Telomeres get shorter with each division of the cell, eventually the cell loses its ability to divide and the human body begins to age.

The capsule and single-dose container contain phosphorus and vitamin D, which help with maintaining a healthy cell membrane and division functions, complemented with zinc, which helps with maintaining normal acid and alkali metabolism and DNA synthesis, as well as niacin, which is known as a nutrient contributing to maintenance of normal energy metabolism.


Maintain your immune system

A strong immune system plays an important role in protecting the body from external factors and harmful processes such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, and cancer cells. As the body ages, the immune system weakens and ceases to function, causing the body to become more susceptible to illnesses.

The capsule and single-dose container contain herbal extracts and vitamin C, which helps with maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system. Extracts of ginger, Chinese ginseng root, and elderberry fruit help with maintaining the body’s natural defences against disease-causing microorganisms.

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